Samsung will be announcing their next flagship phone Galaxy S5 on Monday and they just released a trailer for their Unpacked Event to get us excited. It features random photographs and words with the number ‘5’ next to them. We can’t wait till Monday. So, we decided to decode the video to find out the phone’s features. They have given a lot of details about the phone. The biggest feature is the camera once again.

1. Slo-Mo

  alive courage

The video features exactly three Slo-Mo shots. The Galaxy S4 has 60fps and it makes a lot of sense to increase it. Also, the iPhone 5s s capable of shooting videos at 120fps. So, this is a definite feature.

2. Water Proof

wet water

Is the phone water proof? Probably….   

3. Selfie

selfie3 selfie2 selfie1









Selfie is the art of getting everyone in the photo. We all love taking selfies. But, the problem with taking selfies is that it is very difficult to take the perfect one. Has Samsung finally solved it? If it has, I see people buying the phone. Seriously, the ability to take a good selfie is a great deal to a lot of people.







4. Focus



It is extremely hard to focus on a subject which is moving very fast unless you have a DSLR where you can adjust the the shutter speed. Will we be able to do just that?

5. Low Light Photography



Better Low-Light photography is a definite feature. With every new flagship phone in the past, Samsung has improved the quality of low light photography. Every company does that. But, has Samsung gone a step above and enabled better low light video capabilities also?

6. Speed


When it comes to every Samsung Flagship phone, it is all about the speed. They have the biggest processor and RAM. Last year’s S4 debuted with an 8-Core Chip. For now, we all know for sure that S5 will have a 64Bit Processor. We just have to wait and see how well it performs.

7. S-Pen



It would not make much sense to have the S-Pen on the phone because it would make the phone very similar to Note. S-Pen has always been advertised as the tool which lets you create things and look what the photo says. In fact, the boy does exactly what the S-Pen is intended for.

8. Outdoor Brightness



One of the biggest problem in any smart phone since it’s introduction is that it sucks under the sun. A lot of improvements have been made, but we’re not there yet. I’d love to see Samsung solving this particular problem.

9. Fitness



There has been various rumours of Samsung bringing a fitness band along with their phone and this image supports just that.

10. Customisation

sust1 cust

Customisation is coming in for sure. But, will Samsung let us customise our phone the way Motorola did with the Moto X or will they just sell colourful back covers like the Moto G?

Check out the original video of Samsung Unpacked Trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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