EHack is an Information Security & Ethical Hacking initiative by infySEC a information Security organisation. Objective of EHack Series of Workshop is to spread awareness & get each of us equipped to fight back against cyber crimes falling victim.

EHACK aims to make a Guinness World Record by breaking the record held by Microsoft for most number of participants in a software development marathon in a single location, by having a head count of 2567 participants.

E-HACK is attempting on getting in to The Indian Book of Records, The Asian Book of Records and The Guinness Book of World Records as the event with the largest number of participants in an information security workshop.”

For various chrome extensions which can come handy for penetration testing during the event, click here.


The live blog is over. For more information , Check out the facebook page.



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  1. Hart

    Wow..thanks man..I couldnt make it up to chennai and my net is ls slow for streaming too! your blog helps man..keep posting pictures 🙂

  2. Eldho

    Please provide the Live streaming link , Pls provide links and teaching materials for offline members , who Love Hacking.


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