Doctor Mole is a cross platform app available for iOS as well as Android phones. This app, unlike any other medical app relies on “Augmented Reality” ,  technology that could change the future! It uses Augmented reality technology to scan your moles in real time and gives you instant risk feedback on Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Risk (ABCDE).


In order to test its efficiency , we searched for images of malignant melanoma and then took pictures of these moles using the app. After the analysis was done the app directed us to go see a specialist!

Well, it works* !
(*Not 100% effective, can’t replace professional help as of now)

Disclaimer :
While this app is absolutely no substitute for professional medical advice, should never replace professional advice, and never delay a patient seeking medical treatment/advice.

We believe it is a great example of how mobile technology using Augmented Reality has the potential to positively impact community health care and preventative medicine. A concept which we always believed has abundant potential.

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