In account of the World Arduino day, GDG Chennai organised a meet up for all the hardware enthusiasts, hackers and just about anyone who was interested in Arduino’s. The celebration at Chennai had a lot of discussion on various technologies breaking out at the moment from Wearable Technology to Virtual Reality.

The day started off with Jeyanthan, GDG Manager and Karthik, GDG Manager talking about the Google Developers Group Chennai and how far they’ve come with this amazing community in the past three years.

Surendranath Reddy introduced Prakash Rv, founder of who walked us through story behind founding simple labs and  his association with Arduino platfrom. He also talked about how he went about making the Induino.

Prakash Rv has been known to be a big fan of crowd-funding and has funded over 8 kickstarter projects. He said, ” The success of a kickstarter project lies in the time frame in which the project is shipped” also ” The possibility that someone else is thinking along the same lines as your idea is higher in this age”.

It followed Surendranath Reddy explaining about 3D printing, the future of 3D printing. He mentioned the awesome possibilities of the 3D printer at the moment and how it’s going to shape our modern day world with 3D printed food and 3D printed bionic ears.

Oculus VR was the showstopper. OculusVR has been catching momentum for a while now, but after the Facebook acquisition a few days ago. It’s been the talk of the town. Everyone in the room got a chance to try the uber-cool head gear which puts you in a virtual world. Oculus VR developer Kit 1 was impressive, we can’t wait to see what the final consumer product will look like when it comes out!

Vignesh was next who gave a talk on the rapid prototyping with wearable tech hardware from Arduino and showed some cool projects like FIN.

Kevin and Adarsh, Nishanth demoed the project they built under 18 hours, Automating the lights and fans in three different rooms using Induino’s and RaspberryPi. They gave the crowd an android app through which anyone in the room connected to the network could switch on/off the lights in the room.

It followed Alagunambi Welkin from FSFTN(Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu) who talked about the Open Hardware Movement.

The day didn’t end there, there was an ARDUTHON(Arduino – Hackthon). Prakash Rv had a few Induino boards that were given to the participants to play around, a few experts who were around helped the participants try out some cool stuff with the Induino boards.

The day ended with a quick walk-through of what they hacked with the Induino boards provided to the participants. As always, the group picture for a picture perfect memory.

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