There’s been a growing interest in Urban Plantation and Crofters is planning to improve that with technology. Crofters is an automated aquaponics ecosystem. It has a 20 Gallon Aquarium in the bottom and 330 Square Inch Grow Bed for Plants at the top. The whole system looks great and is built for the living room.

Crofters requires the lest amount of maintenance. The system connects to Wi-Fi and most of it is automated. The waste produced by fish gets mixed to water. This is used to water the plants and the fish waste adds as nutrients. After being used by plants, the water goes back to the fish tank. But this time, it is clean and perfect for the fishes. This is a self repeating automated process.


For plants, since they are indoors, it has artificial sunlight which can stimulate Photosynthesis. It has both Red and Blue Light to stimulate the sunlight from different seasons depending on the kind of plant you are planting! All of this can be controlled through the app.

You can also control the fans and the pump remotely. Apart from controlling, you can also monitor the light intensity, temperature, humidity and water level in real time using the app.


The whole system connects to the internet and is constantly exchanging data with their servers. The App Alerts when its time to feed the fish, harvest the plants or make any other small adjustments. You can grow most of the small plants which include Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs.


Speaking about the System, Ashish Khan, the Co-Founder of Crofters said “We at Crofters want people to know and understand where their food comes from by creating a system that can grow healthy organic food. And the best part of it is that our technology allows you to do that within the rooms of your apartment.”

The Crofters System is priced at Rs. 26,999 and is already being used by multiple early adopters. For now, it is available only in Chennai and it should be available in other cities soon. Click here to buy one from their site right now.

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