Everyone has been in this situation where you’ve booked a movie ticket in advance, and you are unable to go to the theatre. Chances are, you go to the theatre and wait in front of the screen hoping someone would buy the ticket or post it in one of the Facebook groups. The problem with Facebook groups is that it is a continuous feed of posts where it’s hard to find something specific. Another problem with Facebook Groups is that the communication part is hard, and there is no privacy. You end up putting your phone number out there in a forum with 50K people which is not OK. Not just with privacy, there are so many things that can go wrong.

A Chennai based startup, NFN Labs seems to have solved that with their latest app, BuySell Tickets. The app offers a seamless experience and at the same time providing a good level of privacy.


Buying is the core part of BuySell Tickets. The first screen you see with BuySell Tickets is the list of movies tickets are available for listed by other users. Choose the film you want to go to and you’ll be able to see the number of tickets listed by each user, the theatre, screen, time and seats. Choose the ticket you want to buy and hit ‘Ask for Ticket’ which lets you directly message the person who has listed the tickets for sale inside the app. This ensures a safer way to message the person you’re buying the ticket from.



Selling tickets is probably the best part of this app which is a seamless experience. The app pulls in a feed of theatres in your city, the movies being screened and the showtimes. Select the theatre, movie, date, the number of tickets you have and the seat number. Once that is done, hit post and wait for someone to message you inside the app where you’ll be able to discuss how you want to be paid.


One thing about the app though, is that you cannot sell tickets for more than what you paid for which is a good thing. Right now, the app is an Android exclusive and is available for Chennai only. They hope to expand to other cities and get an app to iOS too. Click here to download the app from Google Play Store and click here to read more about the app and how the guys at NFN Labs built it.

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