Opera Mini is undoubtedly one of the most sought mobile browser, given the average mobile Internet speeds in India. There seems to be some sort of a tie up between Vodafone and Opera, Ads always used to be there but were restricted to the speed dial/Bookmarks page. This was absolutely fine and hopefully Opera made money out of it.

Of late, Vodafone India has gone nuts and totally ruined the entire Opera Mini experience. Too much of advertisements is one end but popping up interstitial ads to opt for services which you already have is nonsense.


Expected the problem to be restricted with Opera Mini, hence uninstalled it and tried the new Opera Mini Beta. Surprise! Its still the same!

Take this for instance, I already have a monthly internet pack activated yet I frequently get this instead of the website which I intended to visit. Coming across this 20 times a day is a real pain. There is no option to disable the ads, although you can choose “remind me later”. Sadly, “remind me later” translates to remind me in a few minutes to their team.

While the intent seems fine, poor implementation has ruined it. All they had to do was to exclude the ad popping up for people who already have a monthly/weekly plan.

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