The Huawei Band Zero is a hybrid fitness tracker and a smartwatch. The watch weighs just 25 grams, and it is continuously tracking your activity and also doubles up to show new notifications on the screen. The Huawei Band Zero has been around for close to a year, and we’re surprised no one is talking about this!


The setup process for the Huawei Smartwatch is fairly simple and straightforward. The Huawei Band Zero works with both iOS and Android Devices. You’ll have to download the Huawei Wear app, turn ON the Bluetooth on your mobile device and hit pair. It takes about 30 seconds for the pairing process to complete. The first thing you have once paired and once you’re inside the app is a software update for the watch which should take a minute to download and install.


Huawei Band Zero

Regarding the design, the Huawei Band Zero has a very minimal design language. It comes in three different colours: White, Grey and Gold. The Huawei Band Zero we have is White. For the screen, it features a circular PMOLED display which uses touch as input. There’s a silver metal rim around that screen and rubber watch bands with a diamond pattern. There’s virtually nothing else to the watch and no buttons. There’s a charging port under the watch and a tiny reset button.


The Huawei Band Zero is backed by some solid hardware which works all the time. It uses a PMOLED screen which uses very little energy and is quite visible under all circumstances included bright sunlight. The Huawei Band Zero is powered by a 70mAh battery which lasts about 3 days on a single charge. To recharge it, you’ll have to use their proprietary magnetic charger which is included in the box, and the watch goes from 0 to 100 in under an hour!

Huawei Band Zero

The TPU band on the watch with a diamond pattern is gentle on hands, and I’ve been continuously wearing it for a couple of weeks, round the clock without any rashes or irritation. But one disadvantage with the band is that it is not replaceable. In case you want to have a different coloured strap, or your strap gets damaged, there is no way to replace it yourself. It is held tightly over by the backplate.

The Huawei Band Zero is IP68 Water and Dust Resistant. It should be safe to wear it while you shower or take it out for a swim!


The Huawei Band Zero packs in a whole lot regarding features that work. There are no buttons to on the watch. The only way of navigation is using the touch screen. Alternatively, you can flick your wrist to move between menus. Regarding the menus, there in not much to it, keeping things simple. Swiping up once will bring the number of steps you’ve taken that day and then Calories consumed and sleep. The calories consumed is automatically calculated by taking your height and the number of steps you’ve taken. Sleep tracker is also seamless. You don’t have to activate it. The watch automatically recognises when you’re asleep and when you’re awake.

Huawei Band Zero

After that, there’s the activity tracker which needs to be activated while you go out for a run. Then, there’s the settings menu which lets you reboot the watch, reset it and change watch faces. Regarding watch faces, there are four different styles: Two Analog and Two Digital. These are all the watch faces you have, and you can’t have third party faces.

Huawei Band Zero


Huawei Band Zero

For any fitness band/smart watch, the app is crucial. This is not an android wear device which has apps and watch faces. But it still requires an app of its own to sync your fitness data. One nice feature of the app is that you’re not forced to use the app. You’ll need it installed to your phone to sync data and have push notifications sent to you. But after the initial setup, you have an option not to open the app again. The app shows you your steps and sleep data.

Alternatively, the app has native support for Jawbone UP, and all the data gets synced there. You can use the UP app to see your data. Also, for the iOS App, it works with HealthKit and syncs all the data to your health app!

The app is solid, offers everything and is open enough to provide other apps with the data. This is how apps should be made for fitness trackers.


Huawei Band Zero

The Huawei Band Zero is one heck of a device, and I wish I’d discovered it sooner. I know so many people who wear a watch in one hand and a fitness tracker in the other. I also know individuals who wear smartwatches, which are bulky and requires to be charged every day. The Huawei Band Zero is a perfect blend between these two for a price of Rs. 3,500. Perhaps that was our biggest surprise: The Price. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, this is probably one of the best options out there!

If not for our review, this advertisement for the Huawei Band Zero should definitely convince you to get one!

The Huawei Band Zero Retails at Rs. 3,500 and click here to buy one right now!

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