We are just a few days away from Apple’s next event. Apple usually has hidden messages in their invites and they did this time too. It reads “It’s been way too long”. What’s been way too long? We are guessing they are going to update something that has not been updated for a while now.

Most importantly, the October event will see the public release of the OS X Yosemite. Coming to the products that will be updated in the next event, new iPad and iMacs are coming for sure. iPad with Touch ID in champagne gold has been leaked. For the iMacs, it is expected to come with better 4K like screen. These are products which has been updated frequently. What has Apple not been updating for a long time?

One theory is the iPod. But the iPod market has shrunk pretty quick and it adds no real value. People are replacing their laptops with iPhones. Why would anyone want a dedicated music player? It makes no sense to invest a lot of resources into creating new iPods. I would totally buy one if Apple released iPods with FLAC support. But that is just me, not everyone is interested in FLAC.

Next product is the Apple TV. Apple TV has not been updated for a really long time and it might seem like this is the product which needs an update. Steve Jobs before his death mentioned in his Biography that he had finally figured out the way to create the perfect television and that involves a lot around content. The last we heard was, Apple has still not been able to come to an agreement with the content makers. If Apple releases their TV, it will be the best one around. They never release half-baked products.

Pretty much every other Apple product has been updated in the last two years. So what is missing?

There is one product which has not been updated close to seven years and millions of people still use it! MacBooks!!!

Dont get me wrong. Apple updated their MacBook Airs this year and Pros last year. They were just the internals. Apple is a design company. Sticking to the same design for seven years is way too long! One of the reason it has been that way is because companies usually copy Apple in all their products except for the Mac. It’s been way too long and hardware companies have not been able to rip off the track pad let alone entire MacBook.

Jony Ive in one of his interview last year mentioned that the design of Mac has grown old and something needs to be done to it.

Taking a guess, a new generation of MacBooks are finally coming. We thought that Apple has reached the brim of innovation, I hope we are proved wrong. Innovation is infinite.

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