Techzei team has always been eager to get our hands on any new technology. November last year, I got the pebble and we loved it. We gave it an 8 on 10 in our review back then before the Pebble OS 2.0. Now, half our team owns a Pebble for everyday use. It might have lesser features as compared to Android smartwatches running Android Wear which came out a few months back but nothing can beat the amazing battery life of Pebble.

pebble app for techzei

Our Coder Abhishek Kannan was tinkering around with the Pebble SDK and gave us a link at 2:00 a.m last week. Yes, we work late to keep things rolling and there it was, Techzei App on the Pebble App Store. If you have the Pebble Watch, open this link on your mobile to download the app. The app is compatible on Android and iOS. The app currently lets you read all the headlines that breaks on Techzei.

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