When the Apple Watch came, I made the decision to get the basic one because personally, I felt paying extra for the same features with a premium build quality was just not worth it. So I went with the Apple Watch Sport. It comes with an amazing Silicon strap which blends really well with the watch. But something about Leather feels a lot more natural and I’ve always worn leather straps. Before the Apple Watch, I had a pebble with a leather strap which I got separately. I’ve always worn watches with leather straps and I just had to get a leather strap for my watch.

I had a friend who got Apple Watch Steel with the Leather Strap and I was not OK with paying $150 for that! It is good, but just not worth $150. So I was on the lookout for quality third party leather straps and I stumbled across Strapl.

Strapl is a small company of designers from London and these guys sell a whole range of hand stitched straps for the Apple Watch. They come in three categories: Classic, Urban and Limited Edition. The hand stitch brings a personal touch to the strap which other companies cannot offer. Also, these designs are well thought out to make them unique and at the same time, bold.


I got the Brown Seude strap from Limited Edition series. It is a vintage handmade suede strap made from Italian leather and finished with German waxed stitching. It is hard to describe how good it feels on your wrist, but it is definitely a lot better than the leather strap Apple offers. The one I have costs £44.99 GBP which is a bit more than the cost of the silicon strap from Apple!

I’ve also tried a few leather straps from other companies and at this price point, Strapl is definitely the best one out there. The classic look of a leather strap blends really well with modern technology. I love it and would easily recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a leather strap for their Apple Watch.

Check out Strapl’s collection on their website and you’ll definitely find something that suits you!

Strapl: Apple Watch Strap Review
Leather Quality10
Connectors Quality9
9.7Overall Score
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