Mobile gaming has come really far. If you’re a heavy mobile gamer or even if you’re into mobile gaming, this is something you should definitely check out. This works with almost every phone out there and provides with a great level of grip for better gaming.


It is nothing but a physical accessory. There is a green sticky layer to which you stick your phone. It stays there real firm and you don’t have you worry about your device falling down. Once you do that, instantaneously you get a better grip for your phone and a better control for gaming.

The Good:

  • Provides great grip.
  • Works with almost every phone out there.
  • The phone won’t fall off once you stick it.


The Bad:

  • The sticky layer might wear off over a period of time.


The Verdict:

     It costs about £14.95 and at that price, the only disadvantage which is the sticky layer might wear off over a period of time can be ignored. If you game a lot on your mobile phone, there is no reason not to get this.


If you’re interested in getting Clingo Universal gamepad, you can get one from Mobile Fun.

Clingo Universal Gamepad Review
Life of the accessory6.5
Enhancement of gaming experience 9.5
Value for money8
8.1Overall Score
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  1. Dan

    I’m wondering what this would be like on bigger devices, like the Nexus 6. I’d be concerned that I’d have to stretch my thumbs too far to the outside to make use of it. This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for though.


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