Ever been in those situations when you’re at the gym and your earphones keep falling off ? That’s when you go for a Sports fit type earphones. Then you come across the situation when the sound quality isn’t good enough, or wasn’t what you need to keep you pumped out throughout your workout, and on top of that you want something that’s fashionable too. Look no further – The Powerbeats by Dr.Dre might be all you need.


There’s nothing to complain about the design. The earphones have an over the ear fit and so stay in your ear, no matter how vigorous the workout. The colour of the one’s we had were the Beats red, so the main body is red in colour with the trademark ‘b’ logo on it. The ear hooks are black , and then the cable is the usual beats red. The ear buds are black fitted on a chrome earpiece. There are small openings, to let in ambient noise. This is because the Powerbeats aren’t exactly noise-cancelling. They are designed keeping in mind that workouts don’t happen just inside the gym , but also on the road.

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Beats is all about sound and design. And when it comes to bass thumping sound – Beats tops the charts. Beats has always known to be bass heavy. The sound quality of Powerbeats is amazing. The first song I played was ‘ Last Train ‘ by Tiësto, to get a good feel about the bass, and boy it did not disappoint. Then I played ‘ Miami 2 Ibiza ‘ by Swedish House Mafia and was convinced that you can’t find better bass than this. To get a good feel of the treble , I started playing some soundtracks. I had listened to the Soundtrack of ‘ Man Of Steel ‘ countless times, but after I heard in these, I heard a few sounds which I never heard in my Apple EarPods or the Sennheiser CX 180. And so after listening to a few instrumental soundtracks, I played ‘ Hotel California ‘ to get that 200% satisfaction.


The Powerbeats are fitness earphones and they do give you a secure fit. The ear buds come in three sizes. Get the right ear bud fit , to get the best out of your Beats. I used them continuously for over an hour to check the durability. They don’t fall off your ear , even while working out. Beats claim the Powerbeats to be sweat resistant, although it isn’t sweat resistant.


Even before Beats was bought by Apple, they were originally designed for iPhones and iPods. The diamond shaped mic allows you to answer and reject phone calls, play, pause, skip, fast forward, rewind, move to the next or previous track and even access Siri. It comes with a hard case for carrying them around, and even an additional cable extender.


The packaging of the Powerbeats is superb. As soon as you open, you can notice the Apple style to it. You get a warranty card, instruction manual , and a sticker having the Beats Logo. The Earphones are nestled perfectly on a black tray. Below the tray is the pouch having the various ear bud sizes, hard case and the cable extender.

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Beats are generally expensive, so you’ll need a good budget if you’re considering to buy them. The Powerbeats by Dr.Dre are priced at 150$. A bit expensive, but worth the price nevertheless. Buy Powerbeats by Dr.Dre from Flipkart or Amazon.

Bottomline : The Powerbeats by Dr. Dre Sports Headphones are a reasonable option for style-conscious runners with money to burn, but if you can cut out the style part, you can get even better earphones at reasonable prices.

Powerbeats by Dr.Dre Review
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