I’ve used countless Bluetooth trackers before the Nut Mini, but I’ve never reviewed them. Some of them won’t have good hardware, some won’t have a good app and for some both the hardware and app will suck. If everything is good, the tracker would be too big killing the whole purpose of it.

Nut Mini was entirely different. It is the first tracker I really liked. For a device like Bluetooth tracker, it is not just one device. You’ll be getting a few of them and build an ecosystem around it.

With the Nut Mini, I was a bit sceptical at first because it is a Chinese Product and I’ve never been satisfied with the apps for the other Chinese Trackers I’ve used.

Nut Mini Hardware

Nut Mini is impressively tiny. It is tiny that it would perfectly fit in my minimal wallet. On the front, there is the ‘Nut Mini’ branding and a speaker below that. There’s nothing on the back. On the side, there’s a tiny hole to have a tag which is included in the box. On one of the sides, there is a tiny LED which is not used for anything other than an indicator while pairing. Also, a double sided 3M tape is included in the box to stick the tracker onto any surface.

Nut Mini Usage

To use it, you’ll need the Nut app, and I connected it to my iPhone 6s Plus. For the first time, you’ll have to pull out the battery tag which will put the tracker in its discovery mode. The app would automatically detect the tracker on the phone and pair with it. That’s pretty much it!

nut mini

Once you open the app, you directly see the tracker and one huge button to find it. Hitting the ‘Beep’ button would set the speaker on the tracker making it easier for us to find it. Also, there is an indicator to show approximately how far the tracker is from the phone. But, the tracker is not Bi-directional. Meaning, there is no button on the tracker to find your phone.

There are two modes to the tracker: Anti-Lost and Find it.

nut mini

When in Anti-Lost mode, both phone and tracker notifies you when they get disconnected. This way, you won’t forget your device or the tracker.

The tracking distance is insanely large which is impressive for a device this small. It was always in range when I checked in my home. Approximately, it has a range of about 20 meters.

When using the tracker in Anti-Lost mode, you can set up silent regions and silent periods. When a silent region is set up, you won’t get notifications when you go out of range in a particular geofenced location. This is particularly useful when you’re home, and you’re not going to be losing your devices. Silent periods on the other hand silences notification in a particular set time interval.

nut mini

Find it mode on the contrary always tracks where the tracker is and does not alert you when you go away from the device. You can use the app to find the device when you need it, and if you’re in range, you’ll be able to beep it. This is useful when you stick it to devices you have in home like TV Remotes.

Along with this, the Nut Mini app also supports a find and lost network. What this means is that when you lose a nut tracker and another Nut Mini user running the app comes in range of the tracker, the app will update the tracker’s location.

A recent update lets you share one tracker with multiple devices. If you have a tracker stuck to something which is common in your house like the TV remote, everyone in the house will be able to download the app to track and ping it! This is something I’ve never seen on other Bluetooth Trackers

Nut Mini is powered by a tiny battery which lasts three months which is not that long. But it is user replaceable, and the battery can be found anywhere.

Other than the speaker, there is nothing on the tracker. There is no way to reverse track the phone. Meaning, if you have the tracker with you and you want to find your phone, there is no way to do that.


Nut Mini tracker comes in four different colours: Green, Pink, Blue and White. It retails at $20, and you can pick one up from the site here. But if you have some free time in hand, you can scout the internet and find the tracker for a cheaper cost in other places.

As I’d mentioned earlier, using a Bluetooth tracker is like getting into an ecosystem, and it is important you get the right one. It is safe to say that Nut is the best one I’ve used yet. It is not very expensive, and it is perfect with the right combination of hardware and software.

Nut Mini Review: The Bluetooth tracker which works!
  • Small Size
  • Good app with lots of features
  • Long range
  • Short Battery Life
  • No Reverse Tracking
8.7Overall Score
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  1. Onic

    It’s that 3 month cell replacement that’s the deal killer. Prefer the full size Nut 3.. Until they can give you feedback on the app of how much power that “battery” has. As is, I would be changing out that “battery” in 60 days or so, not 90. A device with no power is pretty useless. It might take awhile for anyone Nut owner to pass your lost mini Nut.

  2. Bo Xuan

    nutfind is a scam website, I ordered from UAE, I had not received anything from them after 3 months, I sent email to them, nobody responded my email. shit!


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