Recently, I came across a weird looking iPhone case, and I decided to give it a shot. The first thing you realise about the IN1 iPhone Case is that it is big(really big!). In fact, it is twice as thick ask my iPhone 6s Plus!

The IN1 iPhone Case offers protection like every other case, and packs a few tools in its back which can be useful!

IN1 iPhone Case gives out a bold statement and is a fantastic conversation starter.

The case is made out of polycarbonate and offers a good amount of protection. But the sides are not raised on the front. So there’s no protection there. There is nothing on the top and front, making it easy to reach the headphone jack and lightning port. Also, there is a proper large cut out for the camera, and the case does not appear in the camera’s field of vision or affect the flash.

in1 iPhone Case

The case is super easy to install. You just align the phone with the case and push it in. The phone automatically snaps in with a good tight fit. What’s difficult is removing the case. Since the case is thick and hard, there is no room for the phone to move around and it can get a bit hard to push the phone out. But this does not matter because the point of a case like this is to apply it and just leave it there.

The case doubles up the size of an iPhone and can be hard to get used to, especially if you’ve never used any cases before. The whole thing feels like a huge box. But it grows on you after a while. Also, it has a solid feel to it which I liked. All the corners have curved edges making it easy to slide it into pockets and while using in hands.

IN1 iPhone Case Tools:

The whole point of this case is for the tools on it’s back. It comes with a with eight tools. None of them are sharp, and the case is TSA approved. Meaning, you can carry the phone case with you when you’re flying without creating a problem at the airport.

in1 iPhone Case

Toothpick: The first tool in the case is a toothpick. I wouldn’t use a toothpick and put it back in a phone case. But it came handy when I needed something small and sharp. It is made of plastic and comes in the colour of the case, adding to its design.

Flat head screw driver: This is the screwdriver which I used while replacing batteries in a few of my toys! Definitely super handy….

Philips Screw Driver: This is the Screw Driver which can be useful because it can be used to fix glasses. It was really helpful for me when I was on a road trip and the screw on my third-party Apple Watch band came off. Had it not been for thus screw driver, I would’ve been without my watch for the next few days(A Nightmare!).

Nail Filer: Another tool which I don’t need, but can be super useful for women.

Tweezer: A tool which is useful when you get a splinter or when you’re handling something small. I never used it, though.

Scissors: This is probably the most useful tool in the case. The case makers managed to fit in a pair of functional scissors which you can use whenever you wished you had them!

Bottle Opener: This tool can be used to open bottles when you need it. But since it is small, it requires you to put in some extra effort.

Ball Point Pen: This is the second most useful tool after the pair of scissors. This is not a highly functional pen, and it is uncomfortable to write with it. But it is the kind of pen which you use when you need to sign something real quick.

Kick Stand: This is not a tool, but an addition to the case in it’s side. It is easy to access, but it can be set in only one angle which is a bit on the vertical side. If you’re using it on a flight where you are closer to the phone, you’d want it to be slightly more horizontal.


All the tools have a snug fit, and they won’t fall off. I have the transparent one where the tools are visible which looks really cool!

The biggest disadvantage is that the case is uncomfortable to use even if one tool is missing, and the manufacturers do not sell the tools separately. So in case you loose a tool, you’re either stuck with an iPhone case which is uncomfortable to use or you have to buy a new case.

But this is the perfect case if you want more from your average case. The included tools are not highly functional, and you’re not going to be using them every day. But everyone’s had situations when they’ve needed these tools and having this case gives a peace of mind and makes your life simpler.

The IN1 iPhone Case is available for both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which costs $39. The iPhone SE version and Samsung Galaxy S5 versions cost $29. All these phones come with different sizes, but they all have the same tools and function pretty much the same way. You can buy the IN1 iPhone Case right here and they ship worldwide.

Update: The folks from IN1 iPhone case contacted us and let us know that they don’t sell replacements because you loose a tool, just mail them and they send it out for free. That’s definitely cool!

IN1 iPhone Case: The Swiss Army Knife of phone Cases
  • Has all the tools you might need
  • Offers a good level of protection
  • Looks cool!
  • A bit bulky
  • Hard to remove
9Overall Score
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  1. Shervin

    Thank you for your review. This case is probably the thinest case with any useful tool in the market. I think you are comparing the thickness to a $5 single injection molds that you see sold in the strip malls. The case is extremely light weight. There is no spare tools because if you lose any tools, IN1 will send you a replacement for free.
    This is the only case chosen by Boeing to bare Boeing logo and sold at Boeing gift stores. Its is also at display at MIT museum.
    We do however appreciate your comments and thank you for your Time.

    • Nix

      I’m scared I will be denied at the airport in India. The security personnel are very stupid in some airports, they wouldn’t even understand what TSA would mean.


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