Crealev has recently come up with a futuristic Magnetic Levitation device that can get anything floating in air! The levitation technology uses repelling magnets and advanced electronics to keep floating objects in place. Objects that weighs up to 9 KG can be lifted as of now.

In the video you can see quite a few objects flying in the air, some of them even rotating on their own. Now, I am not much of a chess player, but having a chess board floating around would convince anyone to try a game. Hiding the base has a more dramatic effect. Crealev is a world leader in making things float.

It’s going to be quite some time before we see this technology being used in everyday life. Currently, it’s not available for sale and so the exact price point is not known. Anyhow, looking at the high prices of other products from Crealev, we can estimate that it would be very costly, making it affordable to only a few select museums around the world. It probably going to be a long time before the use of this technology becomes commonplace.

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