This is our first attempt into Android development,

You need to have CWM recovery before installing this ROM. Dont worry if you dont have it yet, just follow this simple guide : Flash ClockWorkMod Recovey For Micromax A110 Canvas 2

Get to know about the ROM before proceeding to download & flash it on your phone.


Patch – HERE

How to install can be found at end of this post.

Features :

-> Android 4.1.2 with most of the Android 4.2 apps & features  [Cynus T2 base (v17) ]

-> Pre-Rooted, Fully De-odexed and Zipaligned (Fast & Smooth as butter )

-> Reboot Option Added in Power Menu

-> Camera from Android 4.2 (Too good to be ignored)

-> Gallery from Android 4.2

-> Keyboard from Android 4.2 (Swipe to type!)

-> Launcher from Android 4.2 (Keeps getting fast & better!)

-> Fonts from Android 4.2

-> Music app from Android 4.2

-> Gmail from Android 4.2 (The all new Gmail!)

-> Clock from Android 4.2

->  Ringtone,Notification Tone,System Tone from Android 4.2

-> Nexus Boot Animation

->  Project Butter Included (Smooth as butter)

-> Google Now (Best voice assistant)

-> JMP™ Special  Optimization (Thanks to @JMP for permission )

-> Get Now Up To 60 FPS Direct ( Full GPU & CPU Utilization )

-> HTC Beats™ Audio + Sound Enhanced (Call & Little Music)

-> Ad Free Mobile By Default ( Patched host files )

-> Super v6 Added

-> init.d Supported


Screenshots :

screen 3


How to Flash :

Download .zip File and the

Put into External/Internal SD Card

Go To CMW Recovery (Power off phone, press Vol plus + Vol minus + power button till screen brightens and then vol up)

Wipe Data/Factory Reset

From Advance Menu select Clear Dalvik Cache

Go to Mount And Storage select FORMAT SYSTEM

Select Install From external / internal SD and Select File And Click YES

After its done, flash

Reboot Your System

Enjoy the awesomeness !

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Senior Editor at Techzei. Android Specialist

20 Responses

  1. raj

    i installed this rom and recovered back to my old rom. but am still getting the custom bootlogo of techzei. how can i remove it?

    please help anybody..

    • Jash Jacob

      Techzei Logo from where ?

      If you have flashed another boot animation. The files will be removed if done correctly !

  2. hemu

    Best Rom for mmx awesome batt bakup + more free ram, thats wat a power android user needs & this is perfect

  3. hemu

    Tried many 4.2.x roms but none of them works perfect or i cud hav done somethmg wrong, hoping 4.2.2 rom from u with same features Thanks.

    • Jay

      We are glad we could help.
      Do check back soon for Techzei’s $Lim $Tock Project.
      4.2 coming soon! keep an eye!

    • Jay

      We are sorry. We have abandoned the project a long time ago and have no local backups of the file.


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