Xbox Exclusive Games Shown @ E3

So far, eight Xbox exclusives have been announced with 36 cross-platform titles. Below is a list of Xbox Exclusive Games.

Dead Rising 3
– Forza Motorsport 5
– Halo
– Killer Instinct
– Minecraft: Xbox ONE Edition
– Quantum Break
– Ryse: Son of Rome
– Sunset Overdrive
You can view the full list of announced games here; (link)

New Xbox 360 Model Revealed, Free Games


Microsoft announced a new model of the Xbox 360. It is smaller, quieter and sleeker than previous models. The new model is now available in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia. The 4GB model will be $199.99 while the 250GB model will price at $299.99. Along with this announcement, Microsoft said Xbox LIVE Gold Members will receive two free games per month. Fable 3 was recently made free on Xbox LIVE, with Halo 3 and Assassins Creed 2 becoming free sometime in July. Microsoft also announced that hundreds of games are still on the way for the Xbox 360.

Project Spark Announced

Microsoft announced Project Spark, a new sandbox title for Xbox ONE and Windows 8. Project Spark allows anything to be created in-game, from environments, to characters and enemies. You can even create while playing. Creation can be assisted by Kinect or even Xbox SmartGlass, though it’s not required. In the Project Spark demo during the Microsoft Media Briefing, it shows one player fighting against enemies, while the other is creating the environment to benefit the first player. It’s a very new experience coming to Xbox ONE and Windows 8, however a release date has not been announced.

Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox LIVE

It’s clear that Xbox LIVE is a very good online service, but it gets even better! Xbox SmartGlass is natively built into Xbox ONE, allowing for more features and benefits. You can also view instant, realtime stat comparisons on Xbox SmartGlass. Microsoft also said that there are now 300,000 Xbox LIVE servers, which is a massive increase from 15,00 previously.

Xbox ONE DVR, Upload Studio and Twitch

Xbox ONE will have an in-built DVR that allows gamers to record gameplay. The DVR will also be used for achievements, where you can see what you did to get a certain achievement and more. “Upload Studio” is a new feature where gameplay is automatically recorded using the Xbox ONE DVR feature – you can also add voice clips, effects and more. Live streaming is veyr popular… so Microsoft announced a partnership with Twitch. The Twitch service is built into Xbox ONE and allows gamers to stream straight from your console… no other accessories required. Both video and voice is recorded.

Xbox One Logo

No More Microsoft Points on Xbox ONE, Friends List Limit Increased

Microsoft are ruling out Microsoft Points and items will now be purchased using your local currency. You can now know exactly how much items are. During the Microsoft Press Conference, Marc Witton also confirmed that the friends list limit has been increased. However, Marc did not confirm the new limit, or if there is even a limit.

Xbox ONE Family Share Feature

At first, the used games policy was pretty shady. However, Microsoft said that you can nominate ten people to be your “family members”, where you can share your games with them via Xbox LIVE. You won’t need to give them disks, it’s all down on Xbox LIVE. So you can give your “family” access to your shared games library for the to play whenever… as long as no one else is playing it at the same time. “I think the policy makes sense,” Spencer says to Penny-Arcade. “It’s not ten different people all playing the game concurrently, but when you think about a real usage scenario, and we thought about it around a family, and I know certain people will create a family group of people that aren’t all part of the same family, and I do think that’s an advantage, and people will use that. I saw it on NeoGAF instantly, the Xbox Family creation threads, where people said ‘Hey be a part of my family.'”

Xbox ONE Launch Price

The Xbox ONE will launch in 21 countries. Xbox ONE is priced at $499 in the US and $599 in Australia. An exact release date hasn’t been announced, however it will launch in November 2013 with multiple launch titles and a special Day 1 achievement.




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