LeEco has sent out media invites to their next event, which is happening on 8th June. This is the event after the ones which happened last month in Mumbai where they released with Le Eco Le 1s Eco with their big plans for India and their ecosystem. Here’s the actual invite which is happening in Delhi:


The invite does give a few clues and here’s what you can expect from the event:


LeEco launched new phones in China last month, and they are coming to India early. The new phones named Le 2, Le 2 Pro, Le Max 2 and that number 2 is very clear on the invite! We’re super excited about the phone!

Smart TV

LeEco is an entertainment company which has been selling TVs in China for over a decade now. It is finally time they brought their TVs to India, and we hope it happens now.


LeEco also has a whole bunch of accessories in China, and they’ve been bringing them to India at a constant pace. With the new phones, they come with CDLA audio which requires USB-C headphones and LeEco will be bringing them to India including one with active noise cancelling.


LeEco showcased their futuristic Self Driving cars early this year for which they’ve partnered with Ashton Martin. It is still in its concept stages, but it would be cool to check it out!

Once again, there’s not much out there except for the invite and as always, we’ll be at the event. You can check us out here right after the event to know what happened. Alternatively, you can follow me on Snapchat to know things as they happen: nextgenguy.

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