The movie released a week late here in India and me, along with a friend Karthik from The4Cast managed to make it to the first show at the best Theatre in our city. We were pretty excited though we read the reviews from previous week. We decided to watch the film without having those reviews in our mind.

Let me start with this. I’ve read the Steve Jobs Biopic written by Walter Isaacson that I know almost everything in Steve Jobs’s life written in the book.

So, how was the movie for me?  Bad. There is a lot of misrepresentation of facts and also a load of his life has been skipped.

The movie starts with Jobs introducing the first iPod. That is the furthest part of the movie in Steve Job’s life. That is the part where Steve got started. How on Earth could they miss those parts? It is after the iPod when Steve became huge and is remembered by most of the people that way. Where is the unveiling of iPhone and the iPad? The most historic landmarks for both Apple and Steve Jobs. It is the dream of every Apple fan to watch and re-live this part and they completely missed it.

So, what went wrong with the movie? Almost everything. They tried to project Steve Jobs as a saint which he never was. He was more of a Human like all of us. They never showed his childhood or the fact that he was adopted. They start off with his time in college when he drops. The movie keeps jumping from events making it impossible for the people who don’t know Jobs or haven’t read his Biography to understand.

Ashton’s acting was not bad as we were afraid of. But, he acts as a weirdo with a weird style of walking. Coming to the other actors, nothing outstanding.

Like I previously said, they just kept on jumping. In one scene, he’s trying to sell the Apple I and in the next, he has the Apple II in his hands. After that, his company has been suddenly privatised and he is a Millionaire.

The worst part of the movie should definitely be them cutting out Pixar. Pixar was Job’s baby after he was fired from Apple. It was his success story after Apple. They show a small scene with his NEXT computers which Apple bought.

After hearing Macklemore’s Can’t hold us down, I was expecting some great soundtracks in the movie. Again, I was disappointed in most of the parts.

I really feel bad for Steve. Both Steve and us, the fans deserve a better movie. Even Pirates of Silicon was a better adaptation. I understand there was too much here to cover. But you just have to.

I feel Steve Wozniak had every right to tell the movie was bad. He lived it. When we know it was bad, how would he not?

Should you watch the film? Definitely if you’re a Steve Jobs fan though there’s a high probability you won’t like it. Not a Steve Jobs fan? You can still watch it to come out inspired. It ends with Steve Jobs telling the Rebels ad. The best part of the film.

I think there is a lot of potential for the other Jobs film, who is the writer for the movie and also other famous ones like the Social Network. Good news is, Steve Wozniak is working with him for the movie. So hopefully, we get to watch a better and fulfilling movie not only for the fans, but to inspire millions more just the way Steve Jobs inspired us. That is how the movie is supposed to be.

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