Very few companies do In-Ear Bluetooth headphones and JBL J46BT is definitely one of the best. Not many people buy these because they serve a very specific purpose and it is not really for everyone. JBL changes it with the J46BT. Usually, In-Ear wireless headphones being small come with tiny batteries resulting in poor music playback and standby time.

This headphone is amazing. It comes with five hours of music playback and it should last a day or two for most people. It comes with three buttons. The top and the bottom button is the volume rocker. The centre button is the power button and also to play or pause music and to attend or reject calls.

Why would you need an in-ear bluetooth headphone? What headphones do you use while your work out? If it is a wired headphone, you’re going to end up with the wires dangling around. So, people usually buy over ear wireless headphones. They are really bulky and terrible. This leaves us with only one option: In-Ear Wireless headphone. Not just for workouts, I had them around my neck throughout the day to attend calls because it comes with a microphone. It was always comfortable.

The quality of music is just amazing. But, the Bass is not that great because the headphones are really small. The connectivity is done using Bluetooth 4.0 which adds to the battery optimisation of the phone. One of the biggest disappointments though, is that it is charged using a proprietary charger. So this adds to  more cables to carry around when you travel. The headphones also come with a pouch and earbuds with three different sizes.

This headphone is a separate category of it’s own and if you’re looking to get one, this is definitely one of the best. J46BT retails for around Rs. 6000 in India and $80 in the US.

JBL J46BT Review
Battery 6
  • Good battery
  • Inexpensive
  • Decent Sound
  • Proprietary Charger
7.5Overall Score
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  1. martin

    J46BT is trash. Mine got broken after one week of use. It looks like sweat damages it. One week afer that, I am still waiting the answer from JBL warranty support.


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