Yes, this a bit late when the whole world knows about it. Apple buys Beats for $3.2 Billion and we wanted to publish it only after there was a good amount of evidence. The deal has been confirmed by Dr. Dre himself.

Apple is buying beats for $3.2 Billion and it is a huge deal because Apple has never done any big acquisitions in the recent past. The second biggest Acquisition for Apple after Beats is Next, the company founded by Steve Jobs after he left Apple for $430 Million. Apple has always believed in In-House talent.

Here are the reasons for Apple to buy Beats:

  • Beats has been selling more than half of the premium headphones.
  • Beats is a company which has created a very good brand for itself.
  • The music sales has been declining for a while now with more people adapting to streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Beats recently entered into that market. This will make things easier for Apple if they wanted to do the same in the future.
  • Apple has been the to go company when it came to consumer electronics for music since 2001 with the first iPod. With Beats climbing up, it is definitely threatening for Apple. So, they just bought the competition.
  • Beats has been a fashion brand creating amazing looking products and Apple will be able to use their resources now.

Also, with the deal Dr. Dre might become an Apple executive.


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