A brand new iPad Air exploded in flames in an Australian mobile phone store. The iPad air launched on November 1 seems to have burnt in flames after a Sparks and smoke flew from device .

A Vodafone spokesperson said a ‘burst of flames’ appeared from the charging port of the brand new iPad Retina demonstration model, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Although no staff members or customers were injured during the incident, the new model iPad Air, released by Apple globally on November 1, was completely destroyed, the appearance of its frame suggesting it had suffered from extreme heat. As the store filled with smoke, firemen rushed to the store and put out the fire.

It is understood a representative from Apple visited the store to collect the iPad for testing and try to establish what caused the explosion. No comment has been available from Apple, which released the dramatically thin new model with the claim that it created an entirely new mobile computing experience.With its thinner appearance, lighter weight and faster processor than the earlier model, it has been received favourably by technology writers.

US, Japanese, Chinese and Korean companies are believed to be involved in the manufacture of iPads and iPhones.

ipad flames

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