At 1:00 AM today, Flipkart tweeted about a new Digital product which they intend to release in a couple of days. Below is the screen shot of the tweet:


Here is the photo which came along with the tweet:


This seems to be a tablet app in which they can sell their eBooks which they have been doing on their website for quite some time now. On the top left corner there is their logo, then there is something else which is blurred. After that, there is a back button to go back to the eBook Library.

The book shown in the screen shot is Chapter 17 from The Secret of The Nagas written by Amish Tripathi, one of the best-sellers on Flipkart.

This is not Flipkart’s first attempt on apps for Mobile Devices. Their previous app Flyte was shut down a few months ago. Flyte was an app to buy DRM free music from Flipkart’s Digital Market.

Amazon had released their Kindles in the Indian Market last year along with a Kindle Store for India. Is this an attempt in which Flipkart can succeed? Stay tuned for the official announcement from Flipkart.

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