After hundreds of frustrated users coupled with broken phones and keyboards, the 2 most simple yet addictive games of the present are starting to lose their sheen. While it is indeed good to see less people being frustrated and destroying their phones, there are people who think otherwise.

Dan Moran is one such guy who likes to see us go crazy once again. Just when we are getting over the flappy bird and 2048 addiction Dan released this new game called “Flappy48”. Like the name suggests, it is a mashup between Flappy Bird and 2048. How more badass can one think?

Not so surprisingly, the game is equally addictive like the individual games. In Flappy48, you’re trying to fly through a series of tubes (Flappy Bird) and between each tube there is a number tile (2048).

 Download (It is as addictive as Flappy Bird and 2048, You have been warned!)


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