Apple during WWDC spoke very little about a new technology iBeacons at WWDC this year for iOS 7. iBeacons is said to be the NFC killer because it is a lot more efficient.

Bluetooth Smart Beacons can broadcast context and micro-location data to any compatible devices in range. All phones from iPhone 4S supports this new technology. So, the smart beacon can also know the distance of the device.

One of the biggest trouble of setting up an Apple TV is that it’s remote has almost no buttons and signing in with your Apple ID is a mess. You can use your iPhone to pair via wi-fi and use it as a remote.

The latest Apple TV ships with Bluetooth. Now, just turn on the bluetooth on your iPhone while setting up your Apple TV and just tap your phone on the Apple TV. Thats it. Your device is paired to Apple TV and you can start controlling it with your iPhone.

iBeacons is a technology which has a huge potential and thing are just getting started. Let’s wait and see all it’s possibilities.

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    • Vignesh Sundar

      I should update the OS on my Apple TV to iOS 6 (which I haven’t done yet) and it is supported only from iPhone 4S which uses the low power consuming Bluetooth 4.0. So probably a video after I get the 5s.


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