Yes! It is true. iPhone 6 has already leaked. Apple would announce the product in the fourth quarter this year, but it’s already out. Coming to the most visible change, the screen size is 4.5″ today. It could as well be 5 inch tomorrow or 5.7 inch as well. That’s not all, the next generation iPhone will have whooping 50 megapixel camera, a 20 core processor.

Stop these stupid rumours. Every website wants to report these fake leaks first. It does not make the slightest sense. iPhone 6 with 4.5 inch screen size leaks are OK, but 5.7″ inch ? Please think before posting anything online.

These rumours not only make you look stupid, but also hurts the company. The rumours usually have unrealistic opinions which creates a huge hype. This adds up pressure on the company and ends up criticised for no innovation.

The same happened for the Galaxy S5 also this year. The media “experts” claimed the phone would have a retinal scan for unlock. Then the Samsung Galaxy S5 came out and when the phone did not have any, people started complaining about the phone. They started blaming the phone wasn’t what they had expected or they expected more from Samsung.

Every company in the market is innovating, there are new technology advancements every day.

Everyone wants to have a scoop of leaking it. Even the bigger tech blogs like TheVerge and CNET are comfortable with posting these claims. These things make me question – how the hell do people claim them to be the technology experts?

Also, rendering a perfect looking fake iPhone 6 is pretty easy if the person is an expert on Photoshop. The Chinese companies which are already making cases for 4.5″, 5″ or any other size, they have no clue about what they’re doing. UnboxTherapy on YouTube even made a video about the exact size of the iPhone 6 because he managed to get iPhone case bigger than the usual.

I hope this is the last link you would ever click which claims to have leaked the next generation iPhone. For anyone who asks me what the next iPhone would come out with, my answer is always Keep Calm and Wait for Apple.

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  1. Saifur Rahman Mohsin

    I don’t believe most of these rumors but I do seem to believe in 2 points which seem to have been confirmed by Apple
    1. The next IPhone will have the same 8 MegaPixel camera with improvements in software to improve captured quality
    2. The display of the phone will use a more better kind of glass known as Sapphire Glass

    Like you said, it’s the best to stay calm and wait for Apple..!

    • Vignesh Selvasundar

      They might be evident but definitely not confirmed from Apple. For as long as I know, Apple just said they have a Sapphire Crystal Glass Factory and never told what they’ll be using it for. What if they use it for the new category product which Tim Cook has been talking about?


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