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It’s been awhile since DD4 RAM’s have been out in the market now. The rapid development of the CPU processors has brought the industry to push its development for products that work better with new hardware. DDR4 has been actively become popular in the last year with cost for the DRAM becoming cheaper than ever before.

Up until a while ago, Zion only had the memory sticks up to DDR3. Just recently, Zion launched it’s fastest set of DDR4 RAM clocked at 2400Mhz and I decided to check it out. I tested this DRAM on my Skylake test bench primarily used for 3D Rendering and Modelling.


ZION XTREME DDR4 8GB @ 2400 MHz RAM Review

ZION Xtreme DDR4 RAM uses a similar design language from previous generation keeping the sharp red color as their brand styling. It’s common to find DDR4 RAM’s with heatsinks, thus providing a higher rate of cooling of the entire memory stick.

ZION XTREME DDR4 8GB @ 2400 MHz RAM Review


ZION XTREME DDR4 runs at 1.20V for minimum power consumption from the motherboard. Usually the BIOS sets the DRAM Voltage to “Auto” unless manually set and I set the DRAM voltage at 1.2V in the BIOS.

ZION XTREME DDR4 8GB @ 2400 MHz RAM Review

DDR(Double Data Rate) rams have 2 modules which run at 1200Mhz, effectively 2400Mhz. While taking a look at readings in CPU-Z under intensive stress test, Zion Xtreme DDR4 RAM took the 17-17-17 timing cycle at 1200Mhz. These numbers represent the CAS Latency, the RAS to CAS and RAS Pre-charge, which is the column and row latency to transfer data between each other.



I did a AIDA64 Memory test to measure the Memory-Copy/Read/Write speeds of ZION Xtreme DDR4 RAM. The performance of ZION Xtreme DDR4 was pretty high with all the measured values were over 15,000 MByte/sec. These values are preferred for gaming and multitasking. The measured memory latency of ZION Xtreme DDR4 was 61.3 nanoseconds, which is the response time for the RAM to react to a command. Memory-latency could fall short due to various factors like delays in command, data throughput and so on. Also, the memory score was a whopping 15.57GB/sec one of the fastest I’ve seen for a DDR4 RAM.

To add to everything else, the company provides 3-years warranty on all their memory sticks, which makes it one of the ideal choice to consider. Overall, I was satisfied with product, Zion has managed to do a good launch into their lineup of DDR4 memory sticks.

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