With phones getting thinner and Android Manufacturers not giving importance to Battery Optimisations, a power bank has become a must have for most. For this reason, I usually have a couple of power banks. There is nothing special about them, but it is there if I need it.

Late last year, my city faced a severe storm, and the power grid was knocked out for about four days. I had used up all my power banks by the end of day two and was left with barely nothing for remaining two days. It was an emergency situation, and that was when I needed my phone the most. So after things cleared up, I started looking for alternate solutions and came across the Xtorm Lava Solar Charger.


The Xtorm Lava is a 6,000mAh power bank and is slightly larger than an average power bank of that size. The Power Bank is primarily black, with a touch of orange accent and there’s a tiny display on the front.


Lava has attached cables on the sides. To the left, there’s a USB Cable to charge the power bank itself, and to the right, there’s a Micro-USB cable to charge your devices.


Xtorm has provided with additional USB ports on the top to charge other devices and between them is a button. Pressing the button will power up the display and show the remaining charge. One USB port outputs 2.1A and other at 1A. They have rubber covers to stop dust from entering.


With all this, the most important part is on its back. Opening it up reveals two full solar panels which charge automatically as long as there is a light source. Also, there is a tiny red LED to indicate if the Power Bank is charging or not. It takes about 10 hours to go from 0 to 100 on the power bank using the solar panels. Also, it is easy to have the panels open and mounted on your hiking gear.


The Xtorm Lava Solar Charger costs 79 Euros or $86. It is not for everyone but is a handy tool to have. I’m not going to be using this every day, but I know it is there for an emergency I face next time for the next time around. Click here to buy the Lava Solar Charger from Xtorm.

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