One of the most popular Twitter app has finally been redesigned to make it iOS 7 friendly. But it comes at a price. Tweetbot is definitely one of the best apps ever made out there for Twitter and this update is not more than just a redesign.

If you’ve already gotten used to the iOS 7, then this should not be anything new. The physics of the App has been updated to make it feel a lot more interactive.

IMG_0451When it comes down to features, there is not much as compared to the previous app. One visible feature addition would be the ability to see the conversation we’re replying to, while replying.

Tweetbot is at an offer price of $2.99 right now. Otherwise, it is $4.99. A $2.99, this is the best Twitter app available and ever normal users can purchase it. But at $4.99, it might appeal only to the Tweetbot fans and hardcore twitter users. Also, if you use Twitter on multiple Apple devices, this is the app to get.

Also, from now on, Tapbots would only support Tweetbot 3 giving it updates and not the older version. This has been one of the biggest iOS 7 disadvantages where App Developers are re-selling the iOS 7 redesigned apps which we’ve already purchased.


Instantly after it’s launch, Tweetbot 3 has been the top paid app in the US app store. Make sure to check out the video below:

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone from Tapbots on Vimeo.

Click here to download Tweetbot 3 from the App Store.


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