It was time Samsung had to make the announcement, LG had already leaked what it had to offer a couple of days ago. The war was always on between LG & Samsung to release the first smartphone with a curved display.

Samsung took to its blog, Samsung Tomorrow to official release details about what it had to offer with the Galaxy Round.
Here is a quick peek :


Under the hood it is pretty much same as the Note 3, The screen is the star of the show here: with a size of 5.7 inches and a 1080p resolution not to forget the purpose of the phone, it is curved.

There are few software addons to take advantage of the phone’s curved displayed which has been demoed here :

Under the hood it has a 2.3Ghz quad-core processor (Unknown make) along with 3GB of RAM, and it’s got the same
13MP rear camera from the GS4 and Note 3.
It is really slim at 7.9mm, excluding the curvature.

Launch & Pricing :

It is set to release tomorrow at a
price of 1,089,000 won – roughly $1000 USD but only in South Korea and there is no word on the global release.

Our View :

Flexible displays are definitively going to change the market sooner or later but definitely not in the current form. Flexible displays could one day let us drop our phones without any fear. Currently the casing and glass being used remain the traditional ones, once this changes we expect this to make some noise.

Source : Samsung Tomorrow

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