Spritz has recently announced their new breakthrough technology which would allow people all over the world to read faster on all of their devices. The technology shows you one word at a time on your screen aligned to the center. As each and every word is occurring the same position, all you have to do is lock your eyes their and read! Your reading speed increases as you do not have to move your eyes around and are also free of all distractions. Try it for yourself below.

They have their application embedded on their website where you can go up to as fast as 750 wpm (words per minute). It takes sometime getting used to the app and the speed. The app is soon to be available on Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear 2 watch. The app is already available for Web in the form of a bookmarklet.

All you have to do is to do is visit the page and add their button as a bookmark, then go to the web page you want to read and click on the bookmarklet, which fire open the app. You would need to create a free registered account to go above 400 wpm. After registering, you can go upto 800 wpm.

After a long time, we have come across a technology that we feels like having the potential of going really viral. We hope that you install the bookmarklet and develop the good habit of quickly reading all the latest tech news and reviews on Techzei.

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