The word Otterbox reminds us of rugged, heavy duty cases, and this is how powerful the brand is. We recently got our hands on the OtterBox Defender, and we’ve been extremely impressed with it. The Otterbox Defender is a highly rugged case. Maybe you work in rough environments, or you’re just clumsy, the OtterBox Defender has you covered. I take real good care of my gadgets and never dropped my phones in the past. But The Otterbox Defender gave me the freedom to be careless! You can throw your phone around and play with it.

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The Otterbox Defender is way too rugged with multiple layers, making it feel like a rock. To begin installation, first, you’ll have to remove the outer rubber layer. Though the instructions said I can do it with my hand, I had a hard time doing it, and I used a screwdriver to pull it out. Then, you have two separate layers: one for front and one for the back. The back layer is made of plastic, and the front layer is made of transparent plastic for the screen. Under that, there is a transparent polyethene covering the TouchID. To install the phone, first, keep the phone in and attach the two plastic layers together. Then push in the rubber layer.


The case has rubber closures for the headphone port, charging port and the mute switch which you can pull open if you want to use them. These ports are pretty big and provide direct access to the ports without any issue.

The front layer protecting the screen is solid, and you won’t be needing a screen protector. Since this is not attached to the phone, any impact to this plastic layer will not cause an impact to the phone screen. Also, this protective layer does not affect the 3D Touch on my iPhone 6s Plus. Right under the screen, we have the TouchID, which is covered with a transparent Polythene sheet. It can protect the TouchID from scratches while the touchID still works. But it looks terrible.


The volume and power buttons on the side are comfortable to use, and the rubber layer gives a superb grip. A belt clip is included in the package because heck, Otterbox recognised it might be difficult fitting this case in your pocket at times.

The Otterbox Defender costs $60, and it comes in five different colours. Click here to buy one from their site right now. The case is worth it and costs a fraction of the cost of your phone. A must buy if you are scared of breaking your phone.

Otterbox Defender: An iPhone case which doubles up as a Tank!
Ease of application7.5
  • Can defend against anything
  • Ports are reachable
  • Inexpensive
  • Hard to install and remove
  • TouchID part could’ve been better
8.9Overall Score

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