Nokia has literally been thrown off the market due its adamant nature to stick to Windows mobile platform while the rest of the world prefers either iOS or Android. Nokia in a attempt to regain the market has been internally been testing a android based phone which is to replace the Nokia Asha series. Its been quite a long time since the first news broke out and then when Microsoft took over Nokia it was pretty much obvious that “Normandy a.k.a Nokia X” wouldn’t be a reality.

Fast forward few months and several leaks later, we are expecting Nokia to launch its own Android based phone the Nokia Normandy a.k.a Nokia X at the Mobile World Conference on Monday, February 24 at 8.30AM, Barcelona time (GMT+1).

The stage is all set and a launch seems imminent, the world was never this excited for a budget phone which is supposed to be priced at around 100$. We can safely safe that this is the most anticipated budget phone from Nokia in recent times.

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