It’s been a long, long time since a Mortal Kombat game has been developed for PC but this version tops all of ’em. The game is focused, brutal and ludicrously stupendous. It just pushes the boundaries of taste of brutality to the extreme, that includes – Smashing your opponents heads filled with blood, tearing apart the skull, and ripping your opponent into two parts. Mortal Kombat is a remarkable game with it’s never-ending enjoyment and it’s keen and powerful attacks. As most of the fighting games do, which is, giving you exactly what you want but not a good and strong holding story, but this is a clean exception. This game delivers what you want, what you need, what you paid for, with the story which fits outstandingly well. Well, the story lacks a little bit for sure which makes it a bit cheesy but apart from that cheesiness, it delivers what is expected from a great fighting game. It picks up the story where Mortal Kombat Armageddon left off. The Thunder God, Raiden and Liu Kang have entered the Mortal Kombat tournament. There are other competitors who give a strong challenge and feel like worthy opponents from which the first chapter is about Johnny Cage and the last chapter is of Raiden. The epic action returns with the fantastic and brilliant graphics and greatly remodeled characters. You’re given to perform the usual varying punches, kicks and Kombos which are both fun and are tricky to do. The Kombo moves include – throwing your opponent into air and then throwing him away, sweeping low and making ’em fall, an uppercut which is to give a deliberate hard punch on the chin, etc. As I mentioned earlier, these are fun but are tricky to do but with simple and majestically responsive controls lower the time to some hours or even minutes to performing a stupendous combo which gradually decreases your opponent’s life.


Clean, amazing and an enjoyable experience.

Another resplendent and important feature of the game is Brutality, in which the game offers the best. As I said earlier, the game just pushes the boundaries of eye-popping and gruesome attacks to the extreme. When you knock off an opponent, you get what you never expect that is a gore amount of blood and barbaric violence. Then there are X-Ray moves which are super effective. Trust me, X-ray moves are really not suitable for the squeamish and sensitive. The X-ray moves just amplify the vicious barbaric violence which include breaking the bones of the opponents from which blood spills out like juice, smashing off the chests with the humongous attacks of some characters, hitting deeply in the nuts, putting a rod of ice in the chest, and inserting daggers into the eye sockets. And mind you, X-Ray moves show these things internally.

X-Ray moves aren’t for the weak.

A new feature to Moral Kombat is the super meter which lets you perform enhanced attacks which one-third as effective as the X Ray moves as the X Ray moves require three of these bars to be performed. The X Ray moves, as shown in the above picture, gives you a detailed view of the internal organs of your opponent by which the gore and brutality is enhanced. If you see the game haphazardly, it won’t seem much of a distinguished fighting game but when you go into the game, the vision of the subtle, sophisticated and marvelous underlying mechanics of the game becomes crystal clear. The only flaw is that online matches lag and become slow occasionally. While the X-Ray moves are extremely powerful, they’re blockable too.

Die, minion!

If you want to show the ultimate middle finger to your opponent at the end of the game, there’s something called as a ‘fatality’ in the game which is, again, not for the faint and soft hearted for this is even vicious than the X-Ray moves as it contains, ripping off the skin of your opponent, bodies being chopping off the bodies into quarter-pieces, detaching the body from the bottom, etc. There is another fatality called stage fatality which lets you use the environment to chop off your opponents or kill them the nature’s way. This becomes a bit juvenile but is it fun? Yeah, heck yeah!

This is how Fatality does it.

It’s Mortal Kombat, bitch!


Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is one of the best fighting games on PC with impressive graphics. While there isn’t much to tweak in the graphics, it makes it easier for all players to get acquainted and run the game at their PC’s full potential. The X Ray moves and fatalities furnish the charm of the game with the barbaric ferocity and a revamped control system makes it even easier to play. With all the awesome in-game content, formidable brutality and the magnificent story, Mortal Kombat sets out as a near perfect example for an excellent fighting game. After all, it’s the only fighting game which lets you rip your opponents into half, isn’t this feature of Mortal Kombat exceptional enough?

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Review
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