There are thousands of camera straps out there from which Miggo is one. But Miggo is no ordinary camera strap. It does not even look like one!

Imagine my situation, where I am no professional photographer and I still carry a DSLR. I carry a laptop and a DSLR in my everyday bag. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is. You can easily get a bag for laptops and if you’re looking for a camera bag, you get these bags with different sections for lenses and other camera accessories. While they are great, they are not for everyone. I just want to carry my laptop, DSLR with just one lens on it and a few more stuff in my bag. I use my laptop which gives amazing protection for my laptop and none for the camera.

This is where Miggo comes in. Miggo is a camera strap which is installed to your camera using the tripod screw. Also, the screw comes with another slot so that you don’t have to compromise on the tripod part. Also, there is an additional loop for extra protection. The installation is done depending on the camera and the lens you’ll be using.lenscap-miggio-review

There are four different types of Miggo straps: Neck strap and hand strap, each for mirrored and mirrorless  cameras. We got to review the neck strap for mirrored cameras with my T3i. Once it is around your neck, it is extremely comfortable and it can stay there few a few hours and you won’t notice it. Also, it has a slot for storing the lens.

Once you are done taking photographs, you can zip it up and wrap it around the camera. It gives the extra protection your delicate camera needs when inside the bag.


This is the perfect camera strap that I’ve been looking for and I’d personally recommend this to anyone. Given an option to have any camera strap, I’d choose this every single time for a DSLR.

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