Microsoft’s windows mobile OS has definitely failed to make any impact globally. It has literally crumbled to the volume of phones running either iOS or Android. Especially in India, It has been miserable and failed to pierce the market. Microsoft has undoubtedly been trying to lure various OEM’s to produce windows phones but talks with Indian OEM’s who produce budget smartphones using the free and open Android platform, have always remained inconclusive.

Pretty much, it has been a long lost war. Microsoft has decides to waive off the licensing fee for local Indian manufacturer’s to use the Windows mobile OS for free.It is quite surprising noting the fact that Nokia is being charged around 20-30$ for using the same for each of its lumia device inspite of having agreed to exclusively make Windows Phone in 2011.

Lava and Karbonn are the 2 Indian OEM’s who have agreed to make windows phones and are looking forward to launch budget smartphones running the Microsoft’s latest OS by the 2nd/3rd quarter 2014. This definitely shows the desperate measures Microsoft is taking to, to save its failing windows mobile OS.

Is Microsoft fighting too hard for a long lost war? Drop your opinions in the comments section below!

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