Mobile Payments is the next big thing. People forget their wallet, but never their phone. So, it would be great to be able to make them into one device. Many companies have tried their hand with mobile payments like Google, which require the retailers to have special readers. It is reported that even Apple is working on one which ingrates the touch ID. But, nothing can get better than the loop.

Loop is a kickstarted project which successfully got funded and they’re with their product now. The best part of Loop is that it does not require the retailers to have any separate device to accept mobile payments. The device emulates the magnetic strip of your card wirelessly. It works with the card machine, which any retailer would normally have.

Loop has come up with two devices – Loop Fob and Loop Charge Case.


fobLoop Fob is a square device which acts as a keychain. It can be connected to the phone via the headphone jack and it can read the cards to store them in the device. To use it, you’ll have to place the Loop Fob close to a credit card reader and press the only button on it. The extra bumper which comes in five different colours turns it into a keychain. It just works like magic.












Next is the Loop Charge Case. It is a case which integrates the Loop Fob and a battery to charge your device along with the added protection as a case. For the case, you get a separate card reader which can be attached to store your cards. The battery provides around 60% additional power.









You can buy the Loop Fob right now for $39 and if you need the Loop Charge Case, you can pre-order it now for $99 and it shall arrive by April this year.

We would try and get our hands on one. This has been the most exciting product which actually solves the problem of mobile payment. It would be able to pick up some steam, if it is actually integrated into the phone by the manufacturers in the future.

Click here to get one now and make sure to check out the video below.


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