Wearable technology is the market which every Technology Company is trying to make a hit now. Google, made their Google Glass which is not perfect. It still has it’s own flaws. Apple recently Trademarked iWatch in Japan hinting at their next product. Then there is the Pebble watch which is a product of a KickStarter which was good, but not good enough.

This is where Kreyos Meteor comes in. It is also a product of Kickstarter(Indiegogo). It answers many of the questions raised to the Pebble watch and also packs a lot of new innovation. The watch has been compared to the Communicator technology on various blogs already.


Like all Watches, it requires you to have your phone at all times and it is connected to the phone. But, this watch promises to offer a more hands free controll of your phone than any other watch out there.

You can controll your phone using your voice. In iOS devices you can use Siri. So, it can do everything Siri does like make phone calls, sending/reading a message, etc. It can also recieve notifications from various services.


It is not just a watch.It packs in loads of accessories which makes it more than a watch. It can we worn as a beld clip, around your neck and as a watch which can be switched for Men and Women.




It also packs in a Gyroscope which runs all day giving all sorts of data for the fitness freaks. It is also waterproof so that you can wear it during all times of the day.

You can prebook by funding them on Indiegogo starting at $95 which would otherwise retail for $169 on release. It is expected to be delivered to the Backers in November. It works both on iOS and Android.


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