Fitbit still stand on the top along with Jawbone in the Fitness tracking industry. They still price their devices with tons of features for over 150$. The chinese fitness band makers have not stopped from making many alternatives for super cheap prices. One such product is I5 PLus Smart Bluetooth.

I5 Plus Smart Watch goal is to be your fitness tracker in the same form of a Fitbit. It looks about the same in black, the device is capable of Sleep monitoring and Fitness tracking. It has OLED display to display all the notifications such as incoming calls or text. The text is displayed in white on a black background to reduce battery consumption.. OLED is an interesting addition to such an affordable costing smartwatch.

A few days back, I reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Band which costed the same as I5 Plus Smart Watch but it lacked a display. The display on a fitness tracker adds a lot of functionality to an average user, It at least helps with checking time and also with quick activity status and pedometer data. It’s a common certification when it comes to smartwatches these days with the device being IP67 certified for water and dust protection.


I5 Plus Smartwatch, the cheapest alternative for Fitbit

When compared with Fitbit, I5 Plus can be used to locate your smartphone in case it was lost somewhere by ringing the device in full volume. The biggest new feature of the I5 Plus is  gesture control. It can automatically switch between different menus depending on the wrist gestures, very similar to Android Wear’s gesture control feature. The companion app for I5 Plus Smartwatch is available on both iOS and Android.


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