Cube Slam is a video game that you can play face-to-face against your friends. It’s a Chrome Experiment built using WebRTC, an open web technology that lets you video chat right in the browser without installing any plug-ins.

Cube Slam’s graphics are rendered in WebGL and CSS 3D, and its custom soundtrack is delivered dynamically through Web Audio. 

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– Hit P to add an extra puck
– Hit E to explode your opponent’s screen
– Hit H to heal your opponent’s screen
– Hit M to trigger mirror mode
– Hit 1 for the scripted cam
– Hit 2 for the FPS cam, steer with mouse and w,a,s,d
– Hit 3 for the overhead cam
– Hit 4 for the rabbit cam
– Hit 5 for the mountain cam


URL parameters

– Create your own room names, e.g.
– For 2P, both players need to add the following params, or the connection won’t work
– Add ?level=X to jump to level X
– Add ?god to become invincible
– Add ?extras=X to add extras, e.g. multiball
– Add ?quality=best for antialiasing
– Add ?quality=mobile to play the WebGL game on WebGL-capable mobile browsers
– Add ?play to dive straight into a 1P game
– Combine parameters, e.g. ?play&level=3&god&extras=multiball,lasers,fireball
– Add ?dev to show the dev menu


Dev menu

“Generic” > “Speed” to change puck speed
“Camera” > “FOV” to zoom in and out
“Theme” to change the colors of the puck, arena, terrain, and more
“Theme” > “Wireframe override” for a cool wireframe view
“Extras” > “override extras” to tweak the extras
“Paddle” to tweak the paddle physics
“Forest” to let out your inner arborist
“Lights” to tweak the lighting

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