Google+ Photos Native App For ChromeBook Pixel

Google+ Photos App is finally available for all chrombook pixel users. It’s unclear when the other platform will get this App. The app is designed to ease the process of fetching photos from your camera or phone and quickly upload it on Google+.

AJ Asver posted on Google+ :

1) When you plug an SD card into your Pixel, the app will back up your new photos to Google+ automatically. (For your eyes only, of course.) And when you’re offline, you can still view your most recent photos.

2) The Pixel’s high resolution display makes your photos look their best, and browsing via touchscreen is a lot of fun.

3) You can share individual photos, set of photos, or an entire album in just a few seconds. Simply select the images you want, then click ‘Share.’

Download The Google+ App for ChromeBook Pixel

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