iPhone photography is taken seriously these days. One of the biggest reason is the advancement in the technology and portability of the iPhone. We always carry our phone with us and we can capture moments as they happen. Apple has always made the camera a core upgrade for every new iPhone.

iPhone 5s also came in with a lot of new features in terms of camera like 120fps Slo-Mo shots and the dual flash. The ability to expand the functionality of the camera through various apps makes it truly amazing. 

Some people use it for professional purposes as well. In fact, some scenes in the Avengers were shot on an iPhone 4s.

Glif is a tool by StudioNeat which helps you with iPhone photography. It is a tripod mount for the iPhone. Glif is a successful kickstarter project. It retails for $20. But, the Glif+ like the one I got comes at an extra price of $30 which comes along with a Serif and Ligature.

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Mounting your phone is pretty easy. You just slide it in and it stays there. Your phone is not going to fall off under any normal use. But if you need extra protection like if you’re planning to mount it on your bike, you can use the Serif which gives extra protection. Serif makes sure that your phone is never going to fall off however hard the bump is. Ligature can be screwed to the part where you’d screw the tripod and you can use it as a keychain.

Also, the other end of the Glif can be used as a stand. You can make the phone stand up in both vertical and horizontal modes.

Though the phone shoots great videos, our hands are generally shaky and since the phone is light, there is no way the video is going to come perfect. So, Glif is a nice tool when going professional. We have been testing this for some time now. In fact, we shot the unboxing of Moto G on an iPhone 5s mounting it on a tripod it using a Glif. This also makes Slo-Mo videos look great. Also, if you’re using apps like ProHDR and SlowShutter Cam like I do where you have to hold the phone still for some time, this is an essential to get the best shots.

Glif only works with the iPhone and there are different versions for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5s. Also, they don’t work with any case. But, StudioNeat solved this with a universal mount. The only catch is that it is bulky as compared too this one. This one also retails for $30.

If you’re someone who takes iPhone photography seriously, click here to buy one right now.

Glif+ Review
Ease of use9.5
  • Does what is says flawlessly - A tripod mount
  • Acts as a stand
  • Works only with the iPhone and cannot be used with any case.
9.3Overall Score
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