Over a few months back Foursquare split it’s core features into two standalone apps – Swarm and Foursquare. This move made Swarm the application used for check-ing into places and Foursquare mobile application for finding new interesting places around you. Foursquare has now unveiled its grand plan for the Foursquare mobile app – Foursquare Expertise, which makes the existing Foursquare tips feature better.

The plan is to award users with Expertise badges on the basis tips left on places checked-in. These badges can only be earned by leaving some knowledge. The more people who like or save the tips, the faster you earn the expertise. Once you’ve earned the expertise, badges will indicate that the tip is coming from the expert user. Expertise badges can be earned depending on the category of the places that are checked-in. Now who wouldn’t want to be expert in pizza places?

Foursquare Expertise to be core features of the platfrom

The move to split the platform into two standalone apps haven’t been welcomed by the community. Swarm by Foursquare has been getting really poor reviews on the Google Play and App Store lately. The move to make Foursquare mobile apps functionality much more meaningful is the focus of the company right now.

Foursquare expertise feature is not available for the public yet. Foursquare has redesigned its logo and is set to release a major redesign for its mobile application over the next few weeks.

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