Last Thursday, I was in Delhi to attend the Asus Zenfestival which I thought it would be a normal press meet but a bit bigger because they flew down people all over from India. But to my surprise, it was a really big venue with a crowd of over 2,500 people. They combined a fan meet and a press meet into one event out of which less than 10% were from the Media. They also had a celebrity come down and as soon as the celebrity left the stage, so did the Fans. Also, there was no way to differentiate the media from the general crowd. So I had to have a long conversation with some person on their team and prove that I was from Media just to sit in the seats allocated for us. With the crowd being that big, they could not serve us any food. I had to leave venue starving only to have some food at the airport. I am not sure why Asus had to do something like this. They could’ve done a Fan Meet separately where they invite only the fans and interact with them and a separate press meet where we get the content we want. I could not even get a good one minute hands on video for our YouTube channel with everyone grabbing the device I had in my hand.


Now that what went wrong with the event has been cleared, let’s get into what went right: The Phones. Before even talking about the phones, I should talk about the guy who presented them: Jonney Shih, Chairman of Asus. He was absolutely brilliant. About the phones, they were really good and very impressive. I can’t wait to get my hands on them and put out a proper review. Until then, here’s the list of newly launched devices:



Zenfone 2 deluxe




This improves on the previously launched Zenfone 2 with better specs and an amazing crystal design(The photos do no justice to the beautiful device. This is the kind of design you hold in your hands to understand it). It also comes with fast charging, 4 gigs of RAM by default and 128GB internal storage. It comes a a price of RS. 23,000 and at this price it should sweat it’s rivals in this segment.


Zenfone Laser
This phone has slightly lower specs when compared to Zenfone 2 but has an amazing 13MP back camera. This phone is intended towards the serious mobile photographers and instagramers. It comes with a laser focus for super-fast and accurate focusing.


Zenfone Selfie




This phone builds on the Zenfone Laser in the camera segment. It comes with the same 13MP camera with laser focus for the back. It improves on the front camera with a 13MP shooter along with dual tone flash. So for those of you who are obsessed into taking selfies, get this one immediately. This phone is the best out there for selfies.


Zenfone Max


This was probably the biggest surprise of the event and definitely the most impressive phone announced. There is not much on the details of the phone except that it comes with a 5,000mAH battery and is releasing on october. There is no word on the price also. Oh and did I mention, it is just 5mm thick. Also, it can be used as a power bank to charge other devices if you need it to. This is the device I would really like to own.


Asus Zenpad 7 & 8


ZenPad is an average which comes in either 7 inches or 8 with top specs. But it comes with some amazing accessories which makes it different from other tablets. You can use it with a clutch case which wraps around the tablet making it look like a clutch or a speaker case which gives rich 5.1 channel sound output.


With a wave of new devices launched by Asus, stay tuned for their reviews soon on Techzei.

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