Asus, at their event in Delhi in August, released a few accessories for their ZenFone Series. They have been working really hard on improving their phones, especially on the camera part. Two specific accessories were announced for photography. With the iPhone 5s, Apple made dual tone flash mainstream. I am not a huge fan of flash photography because it adds fake light and makes the image washed out. At times, there is no light and I’ve had to use that flash which I really hate. Naturally, if you want to improve low light photography, improve the flash. The flash that come with the phones is really bad. So Asus brought in the Lolliflash for the front camera and ZenFlash for the back camera. ZenFlash is the most impressive out of the two.

Phones have become smaller and smaller leaving no space for a real flash. Xenon flash is something that was there in feature phones way before smartphones came. ZenFlash is an external Xenon Flash for ZenFone 2. It attaches to the back of your device and connects to your phone through the Micro USB Port. You don’t have to charge it because it sips in power from the phone. Also, the phone comes with an app which lets you manually control the intensity of the flash.

Asus ZenFlash Review

It attaches to the phone using a velcro which is always on the phone and if you have a device like the ZenFone 2 Deluxe, it would really spoil the look of the beautiful diamond cut case. But if you are a photographer you use your mobile phone to take a lot of photographs, the accessory is a no brainer. It is perfect! It blows every other device out of the water when it comes to low light photography. What other cameras see as black, ZenFlash lets your ZenFone 2 see the subject crystal clear. Also, the light is not very harsh on skin and gives it a natural look.

You can get the ZenFlash for Rs.1,699 from Flipkart right now.

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