A week back, Apple announced that iPhone 6s will be releasing in the 16th of this month. This was good news because with every iPhone release Apple has improved their release date in India. This time, it was in just 20 days after the US release. I being a ardent Apple user, I was waiting for the pre orders to open. A day later, the pricing for iPhone 6s had leaked online, the leaked information stated that the 16GB iPhone 6s would be priced at Rs.62,000 and goes all the way up to Rs. 92,000. Prices are more than 10K than the previous year models.

The real problem is this: What is Apple India thinking? SERIOUSLY!!!! Here’s the thing. The pricing is unjustifiable. Even though I’m a long time Apple user, there’s no way I’ll be buying the 6s in India.
Here’s the Math for two options –
1. The cost of 16GB iPhone 6s in US is $650 (Rs. 42,100) + Shipping it to India using a service like Shop and Ship (Rs. 1,500) + 18% duty in India (Rs. 7,500) = Rs. 51,100.
 2. Round trip to Singapore from Chennai (Rs. 13,000) + Price of iPhone in Singapore (Rs. 48,000) = Rs. 61,000.
Clearly, something is really wrong with the Apple India pricing for iPhones. I am really disappointed with it. For this reason, I won’t be buying an iPhone 6s from India and also wont recommend it to anyone. A better deal would be to get the iPhone 6. Anyone can get 64GB iPhone 6 for just under Rs. 50,000 in most of the E-commerce sites in India.
Now that Apple has released unlocked phones in US, I’m planning to get mine from there soon.

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