Rovio is back with a new game in their highly successful series, Angry Birds Star Wars II which is rumoured to be the prequel for the original Angry Birds Star Wars.

This time around, Rovio is interested in Merchandising. They have introduced a new feature called Telepods where you can bring in new characters when you want into the game by placing the physical toy on the front-camera which scans for a unique code on its base. There are 30 figures in all. There is also a new ‘Pork Slide’ mode in which you can shoot the empire pigs from the slingshot.

The telepods packs will hit the toy stores in August and will range between $5.99 for a small pack to $39.99 for the destroyer play set. Angry Birds II will be out on September 19 for $0.99 or $2.99 for the HD version.

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