Motorola came back into mainstream market a with the launch of its flagship device, Moto X. It was launched as US – only device and there has been no word on its global release, instead Motorola launched another device the Moto G for the global market which is a budget beast.While the hopes of a global launch of the Moto X were almost crushed after the announcement of the Moto G, a recent tip from a close source revealed something exciting.

According to the source, Motorola will be launching Moto X in the Indian Market by the first quarter of 2014. It’s believed that Motorola is working on three different variations of the phone and it’s highly unlikely customizations via Moto Maker to be available for emerging markets. Motorola is working overtime to make sure that Moto X will launch worldwide in 2014.

The company’s entry into the Indian market will be judged by the release of Moto G in January 2014, the low-priced phone for the emerging markets has caught the eyes of many smart phone buyers who are now confused between Moto G or Nexus 5. The company is set for manufacturing phones locally by the year 2015. 

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  1. verbalrender

    Got a reply very recently from Motorola USA to my enquiry on the possibility of Moto X getting released with or without MotoMaker customizations and they haven’t said no. As per Jash’s source, if indeed Motorola is planning to sell three variations in India/emerging markets, I hope this augments into reality. They are selling Nexus 5 in India but I’d prefer a Moto X with KitKat anyday over the Nexus 5.


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