Screen Protection, Do you really need one ? The answer depends on how you use your phone daily or the environments you work in but it’s rather advised to have a screen protector for safety. Now that we know it’s best that every phone has a screen protector the next question that pops up in your mind is which one should I get ? This question comes up because there are just too many options like Anti-glare protection, Clear screen protector, Privacy protector and Tempered Glass screen protector.

I’ve always used a device how it has been manufactured without cases or screen protectors, at first I was hesitant to try the Glass-M Tempered screen protector which has been shipped to me from Witrigs. The technical details on the packaging got me interested and I finally put the screen protector on my iPhone 5s.

It took me almost 15 minutes to apply the tempered glass screen protector which involved a few steps  from repeated cleaning to remove almost any dirt,dust and fingerprint marks off the phone screen. I did remove the screen two-three times to adjust the glass protector. The glass settled on the iPhone screen just naturally and I was all set to test it out.

Screen Protector iPhone

I’m writing this review after using it for almost more than 6 weeks, my phone has survived in my pocket along with keys and other tiny things. Although I never dropped my phone during this phase, but the packaging mentioned it’s shockproof.

The first thing you’ll notice a phone with a tempered glass protector is that the protector is thicker than any other screen protectors that you might have already seen. The glass protector is 0.4mm thick and this gives a huge depth on the iPhone 5s’s home button(Touch ID). The touch ID sensor activation time increases because the screen protector lies raised above the activation ring around the home button, but this is just a small fraction of a second which wouldn’t be noticeable under a regular use.

The screen protector is made of glass and is flexible, the tempered glass is made of chemically processed glass which has a really good feel. I gave my phone for testing to few of my friends who felt the screen protector felt a lot softer than any of the screen protectors they’ve felt before.

Once you have tempered glass screen protector, you never have to worry about tossing your phone into a bag filled with books and stationary. It puts one into that carefree mode about their phone because the damage will probably will be taken on the screen protector just in case anything goes wrong.

GLASS-M Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The removal of the screen protector is easy with the tool provided with the kit, there is no residue left behind on the screen when removed. The tempered screen protector can be re-used if dust does not stick onto the adhesive which could stand in the way of visibility of the screen. Repetitive of removal can cause the adhesive on the edges to wear out which makes the phone look not appealing.

Once it’s in place you wouldn’t notice any difference at all under lowest or the highest brightness of the display. The screen looks gorgeous as it has always been. The screen protector does get scratched over the course of use, but everything is safe.

The Glass-M tempered Glass screen protector fell short under direct sunlight because the material is not Anti-glare and can be distracting to read off the display when there is too much of light shining.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Edge

If you’re looking to get one, buy one from Amazon for $10.

GLASS-M Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review
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